Ultra Q Reflex

Whether you are performing posterior capsulotomy with new generation IOLs, peripheral iridotomy for glaucoma or laser floater removal for the treatment of floaters, Ultra Q Reflex™ is the industry’s leading multi-modality YAG laser.

Reflex Technology

Featuring a proprietary slit lamp illumination tower design that converges the operator’s vision, the target illumination and the treatment beam onto the same optical path, and focuses them to the same optical plane, Ultra Q Reflex™ minimizes the potential for focusing errors and the risk of damage to the natural lens or the retina. This makes Ultra Q Reflex™ ideal for targeting vitreous strands and opacities.

Efficient Energy Delivery

The Ultra Q Reflex also features Ellex’s proprietary Ultra Gaussian spot profile and fast rise time, which allows you to perform YAG procedures at lower, more efficient power levels. This ultra-low energy optical breakdown (in air) of approximately 1.8mJ in optimal conditions is compared to fundamental mode lasers that typically achieve optical breakdown (in air) at 3 to 4mJ. Not only does this dramatically reduce the risk of damage to the retina and natural lens when working in the vitreous, but it also allows you to perform capsulotomies and iridotomies with a reduced risk of lens pitting.