Laser Floater Removal Treatment Guidelines

Featuring insight from Cees Van der Windt, MD (Holland), Feike Gerbrandy, MD (Netherlands), and James H. Johnson, MD (USA)

The Clinical Impact of Floaters

In this whitepaper, laser floater removal expert Paul Inder Singh, MD (USA) addresses the significant negative impact caused by floaters on quality of life. Indeed, whether patients with symptomatic floaters should be offered treatment or told to “carry on regardless” continues to be debated. One thing is for certain, however; more patients are complaining of floaters and the impact they have on their quality of life.

Ultra Q Reflex Product Brochure

Whether you are performing anterior or posterior capsulotomy with new generation IOLs, peripheral iridotomy for glaucoma or YAG laser floater removal for the treatment of vitreous strands and opacities, Ultra Q™ with Reflex Technology™ delivers higher accuracy and greater control.