Patient Stories

Patient Story: Laser Floater Removal
Eugene Hembrook
Paddock Lake, Wisconsin

A competitive trap shooter, Eugene was hindered by the presence of floaters on a daily basis. Prior to undergoing Laser Floater Removal, his average trap scores ranged from 8 to 15 our of 25. Following the procedure, he is back to his best, averaging 24 or 25 out of 25.

“The results were immediate. I walked out of Dr. Paul’s office following the procedure and I could tell that things were a lot better, sharper and clearer. The day after the procedure I started shooting 24s and 25s out of 25, so I’ve been extremely happy about that.”

Patient Story: Laser Floater Removal
Steve Migliore
Chicago, Illinois

Working with computers daily, Steve was bothered by his floaters: they made him tired and he found it difficult to concentrate on his work and simply everyday tasks.

“It is actually phenomenal because the floaters have gone away. And so I no longer have the tiredness, I no longer have the distraction and I’m able to focus on my work.”